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New Templates System

Sunday, March 23, 2008, by artyom ; Posted in: Progress, Benchmarks, Templates; 8 comments

New templates system was introduces to the CppCMS framework. It is based on ideas of dynamic typed languages inside static typed C++.

The original template system had several problems:

  1. The each template variable was referenced by and integer key that was generated during compilation of templates.
  2. The rendering process required from the developer some kind of activity -- update content values according to requests from rendering engine.
  3. The values of the entries where limited to string, integer and boolean values.

In any case, the design of the first template system was just unacceptable, thus new template system was build.

It introduced following features:

Additional features I'm still working on them are:


Next Step - Caching

Thursday, January 17, 2008, by artyom ; Posted in: Progress, Templates, Framework, Cache; 5 comments

As we had seen in previous article, the benchmarks had shown an ability of CppCMS to produce about 630 compressed pages per second and an output of about 20Mbit/s. Is this enough?

For most of cases it is... But as we had seen I want to use every cycle of the CPU as smart as I can. Even, if the model I had suggested, was able to show "a prove of concept" there is an important point that was missed: "Why should I create same page so many times?"


This is the next logical step in the development of high performance web development framework.

First of all we should understand a requirements of the caching system:

  1. Efficiency
  2. Support of "dropping cache on update"
  3. Support of drop the cache by timeout
  4. Work using three models: single process cache, shared cache between processes, shared over the network.
  5. Support of caching on entry page level and single view level as well
  6. Transparent storage of compressed content

Lets describe each one of them:


Components of CppCMS

Sunday, December 30, 2007, by artyom ; Posted in: Progress, Templates, FastCGI, Framework, Berkeley DB; 3 comments

There are several important components that CppCMS implements:

  1. FastCGI Application Framework
  2. Easy Berkeley DB -- Simple API to BDB
  3. Templates System
  4. Text Tools -- text to html conversion tools
  5. Nice URLs support

I'll describe there all these in details there


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