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About This Project

CppCMS is a project that aims to make a web development of high load web sites easier.

The method, that allows creation of Content Management System capable holding high loads, is based on several key technologies:

  1. C++ Programming languages instead of dynamic interpreted languages like Python/PHP/Perl or static jit languages like C#/Java.
  2. Persistent FastCGI process that gives easy "in memory" data caching that allows fastest access to the data and code without reloading it any time you need.

    This actually reduces to the minimum access time to the available data and code using widely available web server independent API.

The major target of this project is to create a friendly environment that would allow programmer to concentrate on the application logic. CppCMS would increase development speed closer to that can be achieved with common web development frameworks.

It would introduce following components:

  1. FastCGI framework -- the environment that takes care of all management issues of process and threads, connection with the server etc.
  2. Powerful template system -- that separates the logic of the application written in C++ and the actual HTML code.
  3. Database access layer -- an easy way to use SQL inside C++ code.
  4. Powerful caching system -- that would allow easy "in memory" caching of DB data and created HTML pages with fastest possible access to them.

This blog is actually written using CppCMS technology.