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CppCMS 1.0.5 Released

10/30/14, by artyom ; Posted in: Progress; 4 comments

Bug Fixes:

Minor Security Improvements:

Platform Support:

The code is downloadable from sourceforge. Binary RPM releases already available at The Open Build Service repository. Debian packages would be published soon.

Update: Debian and Ubuntu packages are ready at the repository.


Olivier, at 11/1/14, 2:24 PM

Hi !

Good job, I have two questions for you then

  • Do you have any idea of the schedule to 1.1 branch ?
  • I really like your tool, but to use your form generator with bootstrap (or any other css framework), I would be happy to be able to customize the output. At the moment, I use a local patch (and therefore I can't use your rpm/deb), It's a bit boring. Do you think it could be possible to externalize the form generator outside the widget classes to make it easier to customize this output ?
artyom, at 11/2/14, 12:06 PM

Do you have any idea of the schedule to 1.1 branch ?

I hope really soon. I have one important feature in mind to implement. However I expected to get push on 1.1 before and real life issues made me postpone this.

... I would be happy to be able to customize the output ...

In general I'm quite open to idea. I suggest to register on CppCMS users mailing list to discuss the idea.

Olivier, at 11/18/14, 7:34 PM

Hi !

I am trying to find a patchless solution to my problem, but I noticed that your OBS repository stopped at openSUSE 13.1 and forcing the package to install on openSUSE 13.2 or Factory/Tumbleweed.

I could try to compile it, but I think it's just a matter of configuration on OBS to add both situations. Could you add them please ?

Thank for all

artyom, at 11/19/14, 4:12 PM

I had posted the build, should be ready soon.

By the time CppCMS 1.0.5 was released 13.2 wasn't released yet.

Should by published in 5-10 minutes.

Thanks for the reminder

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