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CppCMS 1.1.0 Beta was released

7/11/17, by artyom ; Posted in: Progress; 0 comments

After the goals for 1.2 were completed I announce official CppCMS 1.1.0 beta (stable will be 1.2.0)

It is available on the usual place:


It includes many new and important features:


Now I ask the community to fully participate in beta testing so 1.2 will be released ASAP.

Goals for beta testing

Framework Unit Test:

  1. Download the beta version, build, run tests
  2. Report on what platform you tested: OS, Compiler version, standard library (libstdc++/libc++)
  3. Have you had any tests failed and if you had please attach Testing/Temporary/LastTest.log and CMakeCache.txt from your build directory

I specially need tests on Mac OS X various versions, various ARM platforms like raspberry pi and Windows different compilers

Compatibility Test:

  1. Try to build your existing applications with latest version, report any problems
  2. If you have been using CppCMS 1.0.5 till now please try to build CppCMS 1.1.0 and run existing programs with new shared objects/dll WITHOUT rebuilding your applications - it must work as is!

Feature Test:

Go to: http://cppcms.com/wikipp/en/page/cppcms_1_2_whats_new

And try some of new features, report any issues with them or any problems with API design.

If all goes smoothly I'll release 1.2.0 - official stable version.

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