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SOCI or DBI, stage 2

3/10/08, by artyom ; Posted in: Storage, Benchmarks; 2 comments

Discussing soci performance with its developers I had found that soci is compiled without any optimizations by default.

So, after recompiling soci with -O2 option I've got much better results. Simple comparison of dbixx and soci had given very close result. I had run my tests once more and got following results -- pages per second (no gzip): DB soci dbixx -------------------- MySQL 710 800 Sqlite3 550 410 PgSQL 385 430

We can clearly see that for MySQL and PostgreSQL dbixx is still faster in about 10% however in case of Sqlite3 dbixx is significantly slower (25%).

So it seems to me that both solutions are quite reasonable to use without clear advantage of one over another.


Ido, at 3/11/08, 12:44 AM

So it falls down to which one has a better, more intuitive, syntax...

artyom, at 3/11/08, 11:28 AM

There are other considerations as well:

  • soci was written by really good C++ programmers.
  • dbixx is only C++ wrapper I had written for dbi
  • There are chances that soci will be a part of boost libraries
  • dbi has its own advantages and drawbacks in comparison to soci
  • soci version I use is still not released, I use CVS head.
  • dbi is included in official Debian release (lenny)
  • dbi can be considered as more stable.
  • soci can be considered as having more advanced features like prepared statements.

And so on and so far...

This is defenatly not a simple question...

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