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The Roadmap to The First Beta Version of CppCMS

4/16/08, by artyom ; Posted in: Progress, Storage, Templates, Framework, Cache; 4 comments

After quite a long period of development I had decided to get prepared to first public beta release of CppCMS.

The major components of this blog and the framework I want to introduce in first beta are following:

There are lots of work to do, but CppCMS now looks much mature then before.

Beta1 and Beta2 milestones by components:


dbixx SQL Access Layout:

Templates System:


Blog CMS:



joe, at 4/24/08, 9:57 PM

why did you decide to drop SOCI ?

regards joe

artyom, at 4/26/08, 12:34 PM

Several things:

  1. Lack of support of rowid() for MySQL backend (I could try to write but at this point it was too much).
  2. It is impossible to read "rowsets" without using prepared statments. This caused different behavior in PgSQL that wan't wanted. For me this was important limitation.
  3. The version that was useful for me was only in CVS head and quite tricky to compile/run -- not always stable. So, anyone who want to use it should take CVS head.
  4. IMHO, libdbi driver was much mature at this point and widely availible.
joe, at 4/26/08, 8:24 PM


BTW, your blog doesn't send Last-Modified or Etag headers so there is no way issue conditional GET requests to avoid unnecessary traffic

regards joe

artyom, at 4/26/08, 9:31 PM


I'll try to fix this... (Actually there are many things changed in the next version I prepare to release)

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