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Patch For WP-Cache-2 plugin

6/6/08, by artyom ; Posted in: Benchmarks, Cache; 0 comments

I'm going to run a heavy benchmarks comparing WordPress -- the blog system I know very well, with CppCMS based blog -- the system I had written.

The new caching system that was developed for CppCMS is quite smart, it stores the entry pages twice: original and gzip compressed. On heavy loads, this allows serving pages significantly faster because only thing that should be done is to push html or compressed html page directly from the cache. Otherwise, gzip compression (even fastest) would take lots of resources and reduces a preformace of the system.

When it comes to benchmarks, I had discovered that WP-Cache-2 plugin does the job well, but it caches only html version of the file, thus, even if the page is cached it still must pass a compression by Apache's mod_deflate or by PHP engine itself.

I had patched this plugin and now it stores two versions of same page: an original and compressed. and was able to get 60% performace improvement.

So after this patch I can feel that the benchmarks would be proper, because without it this would be incorrect to compare time required for fetching a cache with the time required for compressing entry page.


N.B.: The full benchmarks coming soon

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