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DbiXX Documentation

11/23/08, by artyom ; Posted in: Progress, Storage; 2 comments

DbiXX SQL Library documentation is completed. It can be found in the wiki:



gigel, at 11/29/08, 10:55 AM


I was wondering what does your library have and SOCI does not ? In the example here it's usage is very similar to SOCI.

artyom, at 11/29/08, 11:40 AM

The answer is quite simple: Maturity. libdbi is much more mature then SOCI.

For example: http://soci.sourceforge.net/doc/backends/index.html

  • You can see that MySQL and Sqlite3 has no support of RowID that is kind of "show stopper" for me.
  • SOCI does not allow you fetch rowsets without using prepared statements that sometimes totaly changes the semantics of the query.
  • DbiXX itself provides automatic type casting that are required for typeless backends like Sqlite3.
  • The release 3.0.0 of SOCI does not provide sqlite3 backend at all (it was in 2.X but was removed) it, remained in CVS only. Actually, released version supports only Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL. So you must build for CVS.
  • The build of SOCI may be painful (from release 3 they do not use autotools any more)

And so on...

I used to use SOCI once, but at some point I decided to move away and wrapped libdbi with C++ interface.

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