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CppCMS 0.0.5 (Stable) Released

Monday, January 11, 2010, by artyom ; Posted in: Progress, Framework; 6 comments

Hello All,

Version 0.0.5 of CppCMS framework (stable brunch) had been released. So far:

Security Bugs:




Daniel Vallejos, at 3/3/10 6:54 AM

Works great in my ubuntu system.

You make a great work!!


kpeo, at 4/3/10 10:55 PM

What about using <a href="http://ctpp.havoc.ru/doc/en/" title="CTPP">CTPP</a> for templates, instead compiling it into shared libraries (or make interface for adding different template engines)?

artyom, at 4/3/10 11:05 PM

First of all I used similar engine where I created a content and then rendered it with some template. This requires from you steps like:


Now you have

struct data {
   int value;
} content;    


It is type-safe, efficient and productive. So even that templates requires compilation they are much more useful and powerful.

Because C++ lacks reflection this scheme is much more powerful and intuitive.

See alse: http://art-blog.no-ip.info/cppcms/blog/post/26

Note: nothing prevents from you using any template system you want. You may render content as you wish and write it to standard std::ostream object.

kpeo, at 4/5/10 3:20 PM

thank you for answers! while it's enough for my basic cases

kingkong, at 5/13/10 4:51 AM

Any reason clearsilver was ruled out as the default template system? It seems very mature and well used.

Just curious.

artyom, at 5/13/10 7:07 AM

It is dynamic typed template system.

Read this http://art-blog.no-ip.info/wikipp/en/page/faq#q13

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