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CppCMS 1.x.x updates

5/15/10, by artyom ; Posted in: Progress, Framework, Comet; 0 comments

After big internal changes I explain some critical architectural updates that CppCMS 1.x.x did.

In few words:

  1. Removed cppcms_boost library. Only several essential tools, not visible to API are still taken from cppcms_boost which compiled statically into cppcms library.
  2. Booster library was introduced. It is a library with boost-like interfaces that do not depend on actual boost. Some of the code is taken from boost library, some are wrappers of good C libraries and some totally new code I had written with ABI compatibility in mind.

Following my previous post feel free to update your working copies.


CppCMS 1.x.x would provide backward compatible API and ABI and thus it can't relate on Boost library in it's public API. Only possible way to provide Boost API to users is actually wrapping it.

CppCMS 1.x.x introduces asynchronous even loop to web development - something that is very critical for Comet programming. This loop was based on Boost.Asio. But unfortunately it had very big limitations and writing a good wrapper Boost.Asio was unfeasible.

So a small "Boost_er_" library replaced required functionality from boost partially reimplementing, partially wrapping C libraries and partially borrowing the code from Boost itself.

Booster has following components:

The AIO library it is central CppCMS event loop that has Asio like API - proactor design, callback interface, etc.

However unlike ASIO it uses very few template classes, it is prefork-friendly (unlike ASIO)

Booster.Aio interface would allow Comet application to receive various asynchronous notifications from any source that can deliver such notifications over sockets.

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