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CppCMS Nightly Tests

10/27/10, by artyom ; Posted in: Progress, Framework; 2 comments

Hello All,

In order to simplify CppCMS release procedure and ensure that current SVN trunk it not got broken on platforms that are used less frequently the night build and test were set up.

Each night svn-trunk is tested with different compilers and platforms. The full test matrix in not complete yet, but most important platforms and compilers are tested (or actually the plafroms that can be tested relatievly easily)

It is expected to be extedned more in future.

Thanks to VirtualBox for simple and convinient virtualization solutions.


Daniel, at 10/27/10, 5:16 PM

Hello mate !, thanks for all you're effort. I have a question, where are the official forums?

artyom, at 10/27/10, 7:52 PM

There is a mailing list you can join.


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