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CppDB changes license.

1/8/11, by artyom ; Posted in: Storage; 0 comments

I had decided to change the license of CppDB (the SQL Connectivity Library) to permissive one.

Now CppDB is dual licensed under Boost Software License or MIT License.

I actually would like to release it under BSL only, but unfortunately the MySQL connector does not have a GPL exception for this license - so if you use GPL MySQL connector with CppDB you should follow the MIT license terms.

This was the step I had planned to do from the beginning as it would bring more potential users for this specific part of CppCMS project and as it would probably allow it being integrated to the Boost project in future.

Due to license change CppDB 0.0.3 was released that has exactly the same code as CppDB 0.0.2 but has BSL/MIT license instead of LGPLv3.

Of course the CppCMS itself remains licensed under LGPLv3 and this is not going to be changed.

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