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It is official, Boost.Locale on its way to formal review

2/17/11, by artyom ; Posted in: Unicode and Localization; one comment

Now it is official, Boost.Locale is scheduled for a formal review at April 7-16.

Boost.Locale is important part of CppCMS as was developed for its needs, however I had found that this library was so important and useful that I decided to "Boostify" and make it ready for a formal review for Boost.

What does it provides:

Most of these features are based on the state-of-the-art Unicode library ICU but it also allows to handle many of them using only standard operating system API significantly reducing its size and requirements of external components.

Most important is that is provides platform independent and uniform interface for C++ localization and internationalization tightly integrated to C++ iostreams and existing std::locale framework.

The most up-to-date version of the library and documentation would be released soon.


optik, at 3/26/11, 1:13 AM

Nice, I hope it will be added into boost

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