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SQL Connectivity Libraries released

Monday, December 13, 2010, by artyom ; Posted in: Progress, Storage; 3 comments

Today two SQL Connectivity libraries were released.

  1. Released first version 0.0.1 of CppDB library - new powerful SQL Connectivity library written in C++.
  2. Released updated version 0.0.4 of DbiXX - libdbi wrapper. It was also deprecated in favor of CppDB.

    It would be continued to be updated with bug fixed and probably small features, but the support will be discontinued withing a year or two, depending on the users needs.

Downloads are available in usual place: https://sourceforge.net/projects/cppcms/files/

Documentation can be found at: http://art-blog.no-ip.info/sql

Why CppDB? What is New There?

New SQL Connectivity library was introduced. There were many reasons for this step:

  1. Support of both prepared and unprepared statements and transparent prepared statements caching.
  2. Connection Pooling
  3. Static and Dynamic linking of the modules - very important for deploy.
  4. Native windows support including MSVC compiler.
  5. Removal of additional intermediate layer between the C++ code and native SQL client - libdbi.
  6. Performance.
  7. Ensure thread safety (which libdbi was lacking on some platforms - windows)

What is new in DbiXX

Why not other libraries like SOCI or QtSql

Session Management in CppCMS

Monday, January 5, 2009, by artyom ; Posted in: Progress, Storage; 0 comments

Session management branch was merged to trunk, now you can use sessions transparently in CppCMS.

Quite full tutorial about sessions in CppCMS was written:

DbiXX Documentation

Sunday, November 23, 2008, by artyom ; Posted in: Progress, Storage; 2 comments

DbiXX SQL Library documentation is completed. It can be found in the wiki:


The Roadmap to The First Beta Version of CppCMS

Wednesday, April 16, 2008, by artyom ; Posted in: Progress, Storage, Templates, Framework, Cache; 4 comments

After quite a long period of development I had decided to get prepared to first public beta release of CppCMS.

The major components of this blog and the framework I want to introduce in first beta are following:

There are lots of work to do, but CppCMS now looks much mature then before.


SOCI or DBI, stage 2

Monday, March 10, 2008, by artyom ; Posted in: Storage, Benchmarks; 2 comments

Discussing soci performance with its developers I had found that soci is compiled without any optimizations by default.

So, after recompiling soci with -O2 option I've got much better results. Simple comparison of dbixx and soci had given very close result. I had run my tests once more and got following results -- pages per second (no gzip): DB soci dbixx -------------------- MySQL 710 800 Sqlite3 550 410 PgSQL 385 430

We can clearly see that for MySQL and PostgreSQL dbixx is still faster in about 10% however in case of Sqlite3 dbixx is significantly slower (25%).

So it seems to me that both solutions are quite reasonable to use without clear advantage of one over another.

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